We all watch what we eat, or we should. What we eat has an impact on our health. We know to be careful about eating too much fat, cholesterol, and sugar. We read the ingredients label and try to make healthy food choices. There is a scary trend coming out of China – they are apparently making rice out of plastic!

Plastic is not part of any diet I have ever heard of! The fake rice substitute is being made from sweet potatoes, potatoes and a synthetic resin (aka plastic). When the ingredients mix, they form grains that resemble rice. It is then sprayed with a chemical fragrance to make it smell like an expensive brand of rice called Wuchang rice.plastic and real rice

This way, it is hard to tell the difference between the actual rice and the plastic rice. The fake rice isn’t being sold in the U.S., but it is in other countries. Here are some tips on the next page on how you can be sure your rice is the real deal.

1. Real rice will sink in a glass of water. Fake rice will float.rice float water

2. Put cooked rice on the counter for several days, if it molds it is real – if no mold forms, it is not real rice.

3. When cooking your rice, if you notice a thick layer on top of the water, it is probably the fake rice.

4. A flame held by fake rice will emit a plastic aroma, and it will burn like plastic would.

rice flame plastic

Watch the video below to see the tests in action.

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